Howdy folks, This one is out of order as it is a ride report that I wrote for our Central Texas Painted Churches ride in March 2023. Check it out! On Saturday March 4 th , a small group of Lone Stars headed south out of La Grange to tour the country roads and see the beautiful painted churches of Central Texas. PERFECT weather- CHECK! Beautiful country roads- CHECK! Wildflowers in bloom- CHECK! Zero traffic- CHECK! Great friends to ride with- CHECK! Or as they might say in this part of Texas- CZECH!   Our ride begins at the Lukas Bakery on the main square of downtown La Grange, across from the county courthouse. This family bakery has been a fixture in La Grange for over 75 years and makes the real-deal kolaches and apple strudel. The way to meet people in La Grange is to sit on the bench outside Lukas, with a map in your hand. We had every local stopping by to say howdy and offer help with directions! One lovely lady had her hands full of a huge apple strudel that